Flori’s Duo Anti Taches Gommant Serum and Lotion Authentic


The single packet contains both the Serum Hydratant Eclaircissant Anti-Taches & Lotion Anti-Taches Gommante. Flori’s Duo Anti Taches Gommant serum & lotion cleans, gently and radically removes pigmentation and rebellious spots (Achilles tendon, elbow, joints of fingers and toes).



First clean the rebel areas with cotton soaked in the lotion. After absorption of the lotion by the skin, then apply the serum by massaging slightly circularly until full penetration on the infected areas.
May see results after ten days, the spots on the rebellious areas disappear and the skin becomes smooth, soft, clear and luminous.

Brand: Unbranded
Main Purpose: Removes pigmentation and rebellious spots, dark spots, scars/marks
Ingredients: Made out of natural ingredients
Body Area: Perfect for elbows, knees and Knuckle, Arms, feet, full body, hands, legs
Active Ingredients: Fruit acid
Skin Type: All skin Type
Expiration Date: 2025
Country/Region of Origin: Cameroon
Price: $ 25:99
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