Maney Huile De Moabi


Moabi oil is the result of the scientific investigation of the forest of Madagascar. It is a complex made of Moabi seed and four cosmological plants: Verlaine, Busserole, Chamomile and Thyme. It corrects hyperpigmentation, lightens dark spots and gives the skin a brightening glow.



Direction for use: Use daily with a body lotion or cream. Always follow with an SPF.

Item specifics
Main Purpose: Removes dark spots, discoloration, melasma/hyperpigmentation scars/marks
Ingredients: Moabi seed, vervain, Busserole,Thyme, Chamomile, plants such as thyme, busserole vernain
Active Ingredients: Moabi seeds vermein, Busserol, Camomille, thyme
Formulation: Astringent, serum
Skin type: All skin types
Country of manufacture: Cameroon
Expiration Date: November 2023
Price: $24:99
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